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Love Is Blind Season 3 Finale Recap: Who Got Married, Who Broke Up

The Love Is Blind Season 3 alum unexpectedly announced on Instagram that that he welcomed his first child with a mystery woman. And, of course, followers were dying to know who the baby’s mother was. So buckle up because we have the scoop on Bartise’s baby mama. And, spoiler alert, she’s not part of the Netflix dating show metaverse.

He describes his “type” as a “boss lady” who’s ambitious and confident. SK, who’s continuing his education, also fits into Raven’s idea of the ideal partner, as she’s looking for someone who’s intelligent and responsible. Bartise is still searching for his soulmate over on Perfect Match, a new series which gathers all of your Netflix favorite reality stars under one roof together for a dating extravaganza.

Which Love Is Blind Season 2 couples are still together?

During her time on “Love is Blind,” Nancy was paired with a man named Kenny Barnes. While the two had a strong connection and seemed to be well-matched, they ultimately decided not to get married. After the show, Nancy revealed that she and Kenny were no longer friends and had not kept in touch. The show, filmed in Panama, features contestants dating each other in a stunning villa in the hopes of finding their perfect match. The show’s season finale started with Bowden saying “I don’t” during the wedding ceremony. TikTok has been especially fertile ground for “Love is Blind” season four discourse as information gaps created by the season’s staggered release schedule emboldened curious viewers.

When she isn’t writing or checking Twitter, she’s probably watching the latest K-drama or giving a concert performance in her car. The third installment of Love Is Blind season three premieres on Wednesday 2 November. Rodriguez said that she doesn’t believe you can put a number on the amount of abortions someone has, specifically in the case of non-consenual sex.

But whatever happened to the season 3 stars who found love and who split? The third season of the hit Netflix dating show ended in two marriages, multiple splits and one rekindled romance. But things have changed for several of the stars in the months since. Fans were updated in the After the Altar special, which dropped in February, but even since then, new information has come to light.

Who is Bartise Bowden?

Nancy Rodriguez isn’t buying that Cole Barnett wanted to rekindle his romance with Zanab Jaffrey — especially since he seemingly dated another one of his Love Is Blind costars. Yvonne Villarreal is a senior television writer for the Calendar section and co-host of “The Envelope” podcast. But after Rodriguez shared her “I do” at the altar, Bowden made the decision not to marry her. Finding “happily ever after” on “Love Is Blind,” the Netflix dating show we can’t stop cringe-watching, turned out to be harder than unclogging a toilet without a plunger for Nancy Rodriguez. Our mission at STYLECASTER is to bring style to the people, and we only feature products we think you’ll love as much as we do.

During a confessional, the Netflix personality revealed that she was afraid her parents wouldn’t accept her engagement, but her brothers were the ones who ultimately asked the tough questions. How this difference factors into the future of Nancy and Bartise’s relationship on the show, which filmed almost a year and a half ago, remains to be revealed. In the following episode, Bartise tells his layMatures family about Nancy’s position on abortion and they have a negative reaction. We’ll have to wait for the Love Is Blind Season 3 finale on November 9 to see if Nancy and Bartise overcome this obstacle. Love Is Blind is a show that’s always tackled serious issues. Tough talks about sexuality and religion are bound to come up if you’re trying to decide whether or not to marry someone in a month.

The rejection rightfully enraged Nancy’s family, who swiftly came to her defense after the couple walked back up the aisle to hash out what just went down. As Colleen and Matt say during the reunion, they got married in an “unorthodox” way — so they’re doing marriage in a similarly “unorthodox” manner. So they spend seven nights a week together — “Besides Monday, laundry day,” Colleen jokes — between their two places. Page Six exclusively spoke with the cast to get all the tea on where things stand with the people they formed relationships with in the pods – and got engaged to sight unseen – post-wedding day. Nancy Rodriguez entered ‘Love Is Blind’ season 3 at 31 in hopes of finding a perfect partner for herself.

When Bartise sees Raven at a group mixer, he admits to Nancy, his fiancé, that he finds Raven extremely attractive. Actually, the words he uses are “smoke show.” But in a season trailer, Nancy meets with Andrew, who still has feelings for her. And even though she believes she chose right in accepting Bartise’s proposal, Andrew’s words could affect her in a major way. Rodriguez reevaluates their relationship after her family encourages her to put up boundaries. During Alexa Lemieux’s birthday party, Rodriguez tells Bowden that the friendship has to end, a promise to herself she has kept. Even if he kept quiet, her dad shared his wife and son’s sentiments about Bowden.

Although the Love Is Blind star didn’t end up finding love on the Netflix show, Andrew Lui managed to get a mention at the show’s reunion. “I definitely was unprepared. We had gone through this whole experience. I was definitely on cloud nine after our build-up of having a great relationship, so I was a little shocked.” When they make it down the aisle, both Raven and SK say heartfelt vows before the time comes to make their decision. “We have a very unique and complex set of circumstances. I feel like today is not the best time for us to do this,” he tells Raven, as she begins tearing up and leaves the venue while still keeping a smile on her face. That cliffhanger was promptly solved in the second weekly drop, when Raven shut down Bartise’s attempts at flirting and said that she made the right decision with SK. She pointed out that Bartise didn’t have as much interest in pod-Raven, and that she wasn’t interested in him at all.

Nancy shows you one the woman dad has been supportive right away and you can took their daughter’s experience with the “Like Is actually Blind” surely. Adopting the relationships, the girl father came to head to the lady to your day, she states. Inside the “Adopting the Altar,” Rodriguez and you will Bowden fulfill to own brunch to chat from the the lady family’s psychological response to your rejecting the woman to their wedding day. During their speak, Rodriguez reveals she has never informed her household members you to she’s nevertheless from inside the touching which have Bowden. Rodriguez reevaluates the matchmaking just after the lady loved ones encourages their to place upwards boundaries.

In less than two days, fans of the series have found his child’s mother, which has raised a new discussion. The reality star didn’t identify the mother of his baby or his son’s name in his post. Representatives for Bowden declined to tell PEOPLE who is the baby’s mother.

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